Alex Ellis-White - December 6th , 2023

Is this the perfect Christmas present?

We’ve all been there; the Christmas present challenge! What can you get them that won't end up collecting dust, forgotten at the back of a cupboard, or regifted a few months later? Givto Founder Alex Ellis-White might just have the answer! 

I suspect many of us experience exactly the same feeling at this time of year. 

We’ve had 12 months to figure out what amazing gifts we’re going to buy for our nearest and dearest for Christmas – something that will light up their faces on Christmas Day and make us feel good for giving something great. 

There’s no shortage of ideas when it comes to the kids of course. Their Christmas lists are strewn with the names of exciting toys and games that collectively exceed the budget by some considerable margin! 

But as we get older, it gets harder and harder to find things that people actually want. And in a time of financial difficulty, it feels wasteful spending money on a gift that could well end up unloved and gathering dust at the back of a cupboard, or regifted a few months later.

And so the pressure mounts as you list the people you need to buy for in the next couple of weeks and think…

“What the heck am I going to get you this year?!”

The Givto team has been thinking about this and we might just have the perfect solution for you.


Yes, it’s a bit like an online version of the charity token schemes you see in some supermarkets. 

It couldn’t be simpler. 

You set up a direct debit when you sign up – let’s say you want to give £5 a month to charity, for example. Then each month we present you with three amazing causes and you select which one your donation will go to with a click or a tap.

It gives you the opportunity to support well known charities that are close to your heart, while also introducing you to small local causes you may never have heard of before who desperately need support.

So how does this help with the Christmas present conundrum? 

Well you can now buy a Givto subscription for someone as a gift, making it the perfect present if you’re looking to give something more meaningful this Christmas. 

You pay the monthly subscription and the person you’re buying for gets to choose a different UK-registered charity that will benefit each month.   

So is it the perfect Christmas present? 

Well of course I’m going to say ‘Yes’! 

It’s a gift that keeps on giving. A gift that ultimately benefits charities and those they support across the country and beyond who are often most in need. A gift that embodies the true spirit of Christmas.  

It probably helps to know that Givto is not-for-profit too. It’s run by a charity that’s staffed entirely by volunteers, so as much of your money as possible will go to the causes they choose and not into someone’s pocket. 

This is the first version of Givto as a Gift the team has released and – in all honesty – the sign-up process isn’t quite as perfect as we’d like. But it is simple and secure. And we’re firm believers in getting new features out as quickly as possible, particularly if it means more money raised for good causes. 

So why not find out more and give the gift of Givto this Christmas? An alternative gift that truly makes a difference 🎁

One thing’s for sure – this isn’t a present that will end up unloved or add centimetres to the waistline. 

And that does sound pretty perfect! 

Alex Ellis-White

Alex Ellis-White is Givto’s chief cook and bottle-washer. Find out more about Alex and the rest of the Givto crew in our meet the team.